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In The Year of 2020, The fate of the earth stands still as a new pandemic arrives.

Play as a man who catches Covid-19 and survives, Finding his way out of the morgue

he was undoubtedly going to be cut up in.

Find the keys, kill the Covid Infected guard and make your way out. You got this.

Updated!! Missed some bugs. Check dev log.

GameJam submission 

Updated 11 days ago
Published 15 days ago
GenreAction, Puzzle, Survival
TagsGame Jam, Horror, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, suspense, Zombies


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It was super simple, kinda wonky, and for some reason that dumb guard got me spooked lol

The way that security guard hobbles after you left me feeling very uneasy haha I love the way the game starts out with the news playing and everything is still civil. The game is meant to be quick, and therefore it's more basic and concise. Still had a ton of fun playing though!

Great work!

I m played and take video to my channel (14.04.2020 the video in channel) : YT / Kanal Adi : Ne Gerek Var ?

haha love this game I think its a fun idea and I liked the story lol thanks for letting me play

I played this game while I was pretty sleep deprived so the tension of the game really got to me! I really liked the overall vibe that it had. There was one moment where the map changed and for me the change was very visble which kind of confused me when I read "Turn around" on the note since I already noticed the map had changed. However this did make me expect something very terrifying to happen the entire time and it kept the tension going, so in the end it was kind of a blessing in disguise.

I liked this game

A scary game for scary times - good job!

It was a bit short, but I enjoyed playing it and I like the concept. I hope to see more of your work in the future.

A bit silly. But I like it. 

btw here is video:

Wow This Game Looks Great

I loved the game honestly, despite the weird bug, could have used more jumpscares on me xd

A bit short but not to bad

Fun game, wish it was a bit longer though, all in all good game with a great design. I played it for my youtube channel


nice game!

I would so love to see more of this game, i wish it was a little longer, i would also like to no how to get the gun???????.

Played your game in an indie romp. As I have survived the covid so far I made a video for it

Your game starts at 6:36

This was a bit silly, but well made nonetheless!


Can you please make a Mac version? :p


i played your game for my channel 

Played this for a video and it was interesting. I broke the game at least once. It's the first game in the video!

Mama Munster and I played this and we had a lot of fun! Thank you for the short game! Definitely would have played more if you happened to continue this! :) Keep up the great work and can't wait to see more games from you! Mama Munster Approved! 


I love the concept of the game. COVID-19 is going to be a historical event, and this is a incredibly unique way to remember this pandemic!

Not what i expected. But was an interesting game. What if it really was the T-Virus my dudes????


You beat me to it. but I guess I got no choice but to play.

I knew someone was going to make a covid outbreak game. Can't wait to try it tonight! (the game that is, not the virus)

I want to try the virus :)

DESPITE THE SHITE THAT'S GOING ON, I MADE A VIDEO WITH YOUR GAME, IN FACT I MADE AN ENTIRE INTRO WITH YOUR GAME AND COVID IN MIND! I LOVED THE GAME AND THANKS FOR HELPING WITH THE BEST VIDEO IV MADE YET!!! (in my opinion of course, coming from a guy that usually hates his own stuff lol)  if you watch it i hope you enjoy!!!

This game was a great game. I wish it was a little longer though.

Loved this game. Would love to see more if any is planned :)

fun game stay safe yall

I really enjoyed the spooks. I do think that that this could be a bigger game. Maybe some sort of apocalyptic zombie sort of thing. Thanks for creating!

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coronavirus zombies?!

or maybe covid-19 casualties as zombies

Normal zombie: Grrrrrgh* *bonk* zombie ded

Coronavirus zombie: cough* Everyone run away

Covid zombos ftw :D


Wish there was more to it! Thanks for the fun! :) 

so the coronavirus is even impacting GAMES?! Gee, frick, hell, damn, apologies for the profanity, heck, shoot, fudge


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tank yoo verry munch! 😁

Cool little game with a few good spooks in there. Nice job!

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

The Update has changed quite a bit in the game, and also made some more notes for a tad more story. Thanks for playing! 

Es que nos vamos a volver zombieeees????XD 

It was a lot shorter than I expected but I had some fun with it 😂 

nice gameee i put this on my new Horror games series Two free horror games thank you for making this game very short but very fun and spooky at the same time :)

Deleted 16 hours ago

hey man, I appreciate your support and I love the video! I might put up another update tonight, just to spice things up and finish up what it is. its a small game, not meant to be too long, and you lose a lot of content without the notes (which you cant read, the bloom is Weird) But nothing I cant fix. Again, Thank you man!


I love the atmosphere! The lights out was creepy and the guy got me the first time (love of not playing horror games much). However, when it asked me to retry (Because I had no idea what to do), I was taken to a black screen and all I heard was the zombie's grunt-shout thing. 

Can't wait to try out more!

Nice game, the lights got me. Little short.

I liked it! Shame I couldn't wash my hands in the game.

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