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Courage comes home from town to find that.. No one is home. Help him Find them or, Not find them at all.. Join Courage for a truly terrifying experience. 

Ignore The bugs, they don't bite.  (Huge Update, Bug fixes)

Made in 2 hours // Just a speed build for giggles.


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This was nostalgic amazingness lol (w cheap jump scares) This was still very much enjoyable!!
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Amazing game, I do believe that there are elements that could be worked on but the game is really good even with the issues and for a game made in 2 hours, it's just perfect.

Would love to know how you worked the jumpscares in it though.

I tried to make a game myself with a similar topic but in a different game-https://0v3r10rd.itch.io/courage-the-cowardly-dog-the-horrors-of-nowhere

A good game with some good jumpscares

here my gameplay in portuguese

Not bad, short and sweet.

Y’all play too much 😂 I should have known Y’all had a trick up y’all Sleeves😂 - SirWinny 

i'm really enjoy this game

please visit my video

wow this game screaming waau fuck im trying this game!!!!!!!


As fan of Courage I gotta admit, I really like this style of game. I also like P.T. Very good Idea for a game. Funny part is that I made my video at night while everyone was sleeping and it was hard to be quiet while playing this game. keep up good work :)

btw here is my video if you interested

Very spoopy

Here is my video!

I LOVED IT hahaha

gameplay starts at 15:12

Did the game end with the first jumpscare? I kept going and I went to the hallway again but I got 'stuck' and couldn't progress. Unless there was a puzzle that I was suppose to figure out? (I had this same issue with the initial PT :P)

I loved the detail with the windmill!

Really liked this game and love courage :) Nice One. 

This is a really good game. Theyre is one part that im confused on whats so post to happen after the red room because after im done with the red room it brings me back to where the key was on the ground

-Sorry for my bad english


This looks interesting! I will play this for my channel today! Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @Joke4V

awesome man, and ill get on twitter right now lol

So, I tried also your Covid, The Isolation, in my opinion it was fun... but maybe the story line could be changed a little, maybe even mess with the cop a little! It was fine overall! Just, make the story a little bit more outstanding, describe some things but... still, good game!

KEEP ME UPDATED ON YOUR FUTURE PROJECTS!! I AM SO DOWN to play it in my channel! My twitter is @VitaminDSTain

HEY BRO I forgot to tell you that I uploaded a video on it yesterday! I enjoyed the game. Reminds me of the good o' times! Keep up the good work and here is a link of the gameplay on my channel. Thanks for your time! 

I put up a new update that fixes the broken game.. I appreciate the video man! Its Awesome!


We ended up getting stuck near the third level I think, but it was a cute take on the original PT!

Hey man, I love the content, did you download the v1.1? I fixed a ton of things. The first version was broken. Theres a little key hidden.

Is this the next part of your game?


It is not, looks pretty similar though lol

I thought you were the same dev. I played this in 2018 :)) 

add .rar please

Cool game but it kept freezing on the first scare! So that's why my video is so short!

Did you continue walking forward? Lol thank you for the gameplay! 

I had some fun with this one! I ran into what I can only assume was a game ending bug.  The loop got stuck, check out my video for info! thank you so much for sharing your art! 

I really Appreciate it, funny video, I cracked up on that first scare! Ill Put out a bug fix today, I noticed it looped earlier this morning lol. again though thank you!